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The Marset Theia lamp family comprises a table lamp and a floor lamp. Both lamps have a lamp shade consisting of two hemispheres. One hemisphere is vertical and the other is horizontal. The two hemispheres overlap partially. The vertical hemisphere in painted metal is white on the inside and white and black on the outside. The rod and base each have the same surface as the outside. The horizontal hemisphere is made of thermoformed smoked glass methacrylate. An LED module is integrated as a light source, which directs the light onto the white inside of the vertical hemisphere. From there, the light is reflected and simultaneously emitted directly into the room as well as through the horizontal, transparent hemisphere. The complete lamp shade can be rotated around its own axis with a handle on the light rod. This means that Theia lamps can be used as reading lamps or provide indirect lighting when directed towards a wall or object. Both the table lamp Theia M and the floor lamp P are infinitely dimmed via a touch dimmer in the centre of the shade.
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