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The Byok Piani Lungo collection consists of modern pendant lamps. The central element of every lamp in this series is the light body, which is only 0.8 cm thin and milled from solid aluminum. Byok offers the lamps in the surfaces matt aluminum, polished aluminum, black matt and light bronze matt. The lamp body is each interrupted by four fine copper braided cables for power supply. Each of the lamps in this series is fitted with modern, glare-free LEDs. The LEDs can be replaced individually. The lights are dimmable by gesture control and height-determinable. In addition to these common features, the lamps differ in their size and the way in which they emit light. They are offered either as "uplight" with light output indirectly upwards to the ceiling or as "downlight" with light output directly and glare-free downwards. Three versions of the ceiling canopy are offered for many of the lights. Byok offers some of these lights either with an unlit ceiling canopy or optionally with an illuminated ceiling canopy with side-radiating LEDs. The LEDs of this canopy illuminate the ceiling.
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