Foscarini Tartan Foscarini Tartan

The Foscarini Tartan is a pendant lamp in approximately spherical shape and a diameter of 40 cm and a height of 35 cm. A relief structure, which looks like the plaid of Scottish kilts, covers the diffuser in white blown glass. Hence comes the name of this lamp. The Tartan is blown in the production process in a mold with indentations. In addition, the manufacturer Foscarini treating the surface of the glass with hydrochloric acid. By both processes, the typical effect of a check pattern is formed. Diffuse ambient lighting is also delivered as direct light downwards. As bulbs one high voltage halogen lamp comes with a maximum of 150 watts in question. The pendant lamp is adjustable in height and comes with a cable length of 190 cm.

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  1. Foscarini Tartan white Foscarini Tartan white


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  2. Foscarini Tartan LED white Foscarini Tartan LED white
    Tartan LED


    As low as £432.00

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