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The Foscarini Anisha is available as a small and as a large version. The Anisha Piccola is the smaller of the two table lights. Its height is 32 cm, its length is 23 cm. Like the larger Anisha Grande, it also consists of an oval lamp body, which has the shape of a ring. A touch dimmer integrated into the lamp base of the diffuser is used to control the two lamps. While both lamps were originally available in the colours red and white, now both are offered only in white. The larger Grande has a height of 46 cm and a width of 33 cm. Both lights are equipped with several LEDs in the upper part, which mainly emit light directly downwards, which also illuminates the lamp itself. At the same time, a part of the light is also emitted diffusely into the room, which creates interesting light effects on the floor and on the walls. The transparent cable of the table light has a length of 160 cm. The table lamps were designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, a design studio that is composed of the three designers Alberto Lievore, Jeanette Altherr and Manuel Molina.

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