Florian Schulz Myos Florian Schulz Myos

The VS Manufaktur Myos collection (original design Florian Schulz) comprises the three floor lamps Myos, Myos T40 and Myos T55. These three floor lamps differ only in the shape of their lampshades. While the Myos has a small upper lamp shade with 26 cm in the shape of a hemisphere, the Myos T55 has a 55 cm diameter flat lamp shade. In between is the also flat lamp shade of the Myos T40 with a diameter of 40 cm. All three Myos floor lamps are perfectly suitable as room lighting and reading lamps and have a height of 182 cm. The upper lampshade is made of white opal glass and emits its light indirectly and diffusely upwards and into the room. A second, additional light source is attached to a flex arm that can be individually adjusted and emits the light exactly where you need it. Both light sources can be switched and dimmed separately. The light controller/dimmer is integrated on the light pole. The Myos floor lamps are offered by VS Manufaktur in the surfaces polished lacquered brass, matt brushed lacquered brass, nickel-plated brass, chrome-plated brass or matt brushed nickel-plated brass.
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