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The Vistosi Bolle lamp family comprises four pendant lamps, a table lamp, a ceiling lamp and a wall/ceiling lamp. All lamps of this series have a lamp shade made of mouth-blown crystal glass. The glass is treated with the Baloton technique, in which air bubbles are inserted into the glass. This gives the lamp shade a special texture which multiplies the reflections on the surface of the glass. This creates for some of the lamps a halo effect on the wall, ceiling or table. All lamps are available with transparent or white crystal surfaces. The Bolle SP pendant lights are offered with diameters of 16 cm, 25 cm, 35 cm and 45 cm. Some are offered with a decentralisation kit that allows them to be mounted independently of the power outlet. The Bolle FA P can be used as a wall or ceiling light. Some of the lights in this series are available in halogen and LED versions.
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