Foscarini Magneto Foscarini Magneto

The Foscarini Magneto collection includes the floor lamp Magneto Terra and the table lamp Tavolo. Both lights are equipped with modern LED technology. The lamps are particularly flexible thanks to the magnet, which also gave the lamps their name. This magnet can be attached to various points on the light rod. The lamp head is attached to this so that it can be moved into different positions again and again. This means that both the light output and the appearance of the lamp can be changed again and again. The lamps of this series were designed in 2011 by Giulio Lacchetti with a body in painted stainless steel and ABS. Foscarini offers them in black or white. An LED with 2700 Kelvin is included with both lights.
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  1. Foscarini Magneto Tavolo Foscarini Magneto Tavolo
    Magneto Tavolo


    As low as £268.00
  2. Foscarini Magneto Terra Foscarini Magneto Terra
    Magneto Terra


    As low as £334.00

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