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The Foscarini Double 07 was already designed in the year 1996 by Valerio Bottin. It is a wall lamp with a curved lamp body as a diffuser. This lamp body is offered in ivory or white. The light is emitted into the room as well as directly downwards and indirectly upwards. Two halogen high-voltage lamps with up to 77 watts at maximum can be used as light sources. Instead, also two LED retrofit or two compact fluorescent lamps with a maximum power of 20 watts each are suitable as illuminants. The dimensions for the Double 07 are 24 cm in height, 26 cm in width and 13 cm in depth. This makes this wall lamp a model that fits into every room and provides for a pleasantly soft lighting. The diffuser of the lamp is made of mouth-blown glass using the blowing technique, a-fermo, in which the glass is not rotated in the mold. The surface of the diffuser is shiny so that the light generates reflections on the shade. Socket and wall holder are made of metal powder coated with epoxy powder.

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Double 07


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