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The Foscarini Dolmen luminaire series consists of a pendant lamp and a floor lamp. The Dolmen Sospensione pendant lamp has a 180 cm long, 40 cm wide and 4 cm high lamp body. It emits light both directly downwards and upwards. The built-in LED module of this lamp can be dimmed by the customer. The standard cable is a maximum length of 340 cm and can be shortened if necessary. On request, the pendant lamp is also available with a longer cable. The Dolmen Terra floor lamp is leaned against the wall and installed with a supplied mounting bracket. It is 180 cm high and is regulated by a cable dimmer. Both lamps are available in the following finishes: orange, bronze and aluminum. For this lamp, the lamp body is cut out of aluminum by laser and then bent with a bending press. The aluminum is anodized and then painted with transparent or colored lacquer, depending on the surface.

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Dolmen Terra


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