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The Foscarini Chouchin series is a lamp family comprising three pendant lamps. The name Chouchin comes from the typical Japanese lanterns made of paper and bamboo. These are pretty bright signs to be found outside of bars or they are used as lucky charms at the outer side of houses. Its traditional shape has inspired a design of contemporary impression. This consists of a millenial material namely hand blown glass. This glass is painted in order to make it insensitive to the light inside and to make it shine from the outside except for the bottom edge. All this results in a warm, soft and precious colouring with a luminous collar through which an intensive and downwards directed light beam exits. The Chouchin family comprises three models with which the colour is an important part of the shape. Thus, the large version is orange, the small one is grey and the protracted variant is green. Shapes and colours emphasize the individuality of the single lamp types. However, they also have a nice effect in combination with each other at the same time. Actually, Chouchin is a versatile project offering the right solution for every area in your own home or in public rooms.
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