Foscarini Caboche Foscarini Caboche

The Foscarini Caboche lamp family includes floor, table, pendant, ceiling and wall lamps. All lamps from this series have a lamp shade made of transparent spheres, through which the emitted light is multiplied and distributed without glare. The floor lamps from this series are offered in two sizes: a Caboche Terra Grande with a height of 178 cm and a Caboche Terra Media with a height of 154 cm. The table lamp Caboche Plus Tavolo is 38 cm high and has a diffuser diameter of 31 cm. It is regulated via a dimmer on the supply line and operated with an integrated LED. For the pendant, wall and ceiling lamps, the Caboche Plus lamps almost exclusively use integrated LEDs as light sources. Thanks to the new zigzag shape of the brackets, the light is diffused to the maximum without shielding it. The new Twist-Lock sphere mounting system is simpler, more stable and offers more transparency. Most lamps from this family are offered in the colours transparent and grey.
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