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Foscarini Blob S wall and ceiling light

The Foscarini Blob S is a ceiling light, which can also be used as a wall light. The wall and ceiling light has a height of 16 cm and a length of 46 cm. The diffuser of the Blob Parete Soffitto is made of white coloured polyethylene, which is produced by a rotary process. The light is emitted uniformly, diffusely and glare-free into the room. The lamp body has a curved shape of different shapes. The lamp family was designed by Karim Rashid in the year 2002. In addition to the still available wall and ceiling lamp for the interior, there was originally also available the Blob Outdoor, which with the degree of protection IP65 was also suitable as an outdoor light. In addition, the lamp was also offered in three different sizes, today only the smallest version (S) is available. Today's lamp has protection class IP20 and is only suitable for indoor use. A compact fluorescent lamp with a power of 24 watts serves as a light source.

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Blob S


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