Foscarini Birdie Foscarini Birdie

The Foscarini Birdie series consists of various pendant lamps, ceiling lights, table lights, floor lamps and wall lights. The design is very special: A thin rod like the trunk of a tree. A lampshade reviving the classical shape of a reading lamp while interpreting it anew in an inventive way. It is a lighting device designed like a perch ready to welcome a birdie. Both versions for the floor as well as for the table are easily integrable into every surrounding. Birdie adapts to its surrounding in a natural way whether arranged beside a bed in the middle of a room, next to an armchair or a couch in the living area, on the table inside an office, on the bedside table or in any other room of the house. It accompanies the daily life with its pleasant elegant attendance. All this makes it a lamp which is present in the memories and the general imaginations ever since.

The series includes the Foscarini Birdie Soffitto ceiling lights with three, six or nine lampshades. These lamps are designed like classic chandeliers. The pendant lamps Birdie 6 Sospensione and 9 Sospensione have a similar shape. New in recent years are the single pendant lights Grande and Piccola Bianco Sospensione as well as Grande and Piccola Metal Sospensione. The Bianco lights are white, while the metal lights are available in chrome black as well as in copper. In addition, the already long available table lamps Birdie Grande and Piccola Tavolo as well as Metal Grande and Piccola Tavolo are offered. Also the classical Lettura reading light is offered, which is also available in a dimmable version.

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