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The VS Manufaktur Pen (original design by florian schulz) collection consists of four linear pendant lamps and a functional picture light, the Pen B. The pendant lamps are equipped with modern LED technology. Their light bodies are adjustable in height from 80 cm - 140 cm. The replaceable LED Line 150 in warm white are included. The LEDs are housed in lamp elements which are rotated 360 °. The pendant lamps are made of brass and are available by VS Manufaktur in the surfaces polished lacquered, nickel-plated, matt brushed-lacquered, chrome-plated and nickel-plated matt brushed. The pendant lamps are dimmable on site (eg via GIRA Tronic dimmer 030,700 or JUNG Tronic rotary dimmer 225 T DE). The Pen B is a distinctive picture lamp, also with the latest LED technology. Its lamp body is 50 cm long and can be rotated - so the light can be always perfectly adjusted to the area to be illuminated image. A replaceable LED Line 150 with 6.5 watts, 540 lm and 2700 Kelvin warm white is included. The Pen B is also made of brass and is offered by VS Manufaktur in the same surfaces.
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